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  1. 2min Demo Steel & Velvet Band with Lana Mann 2:25
  2. The Shadow of Your Smile Lana Mann 2:57
  3. Summertime Lana Mann 2:48
  4. Fall Jazz in Russian Lana Mann 4:01
  5. Fly Me To the Moon Lana Mann 2:01
  6. Crazy by Lana Mann Lana Mann 2:44
  7. Besame Mucho Lana Mann 4:00
  8. Almost Love Lana Mann 3:12
Lana Mann "Hazy"
  1. 01 Hazy Lana Mann 0:45
  1. Almost Love Lana Mann 3:13
  2. Lost Doves Lana Mann 4:06
Lana Mann As Long As Life
  1. 01 Almost Love Lana Mann 0:47
  2. 02 All Shades of Green Lana Mann 0:45
  3. 03 Loneliness Lana Mann 0:49
  4. 04 Arrow of Love Lana Mann 0:54
  5. 05 Daughter Lana Mann 0:48
  6. 06 Not Strangers to Each Other Lana Mann 0:45
  7. 07 Winter Lana Mann 0:57
  8. 08 Purple Sunset Lana Mann 0:49
  9. 09 Women Waiting Lana Mann 0:54
  10. 10 School Memories Lana Mann 0:53
  11. 11 Small World Lana Mann 0:46

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Lana Mann and the band Steel & Velvet 2 min. demo

Lana Mann “Summertime”

Lana Mann “Crazy”

Lana Mann “The Shadow of Your Smile”

Lana Mann “You and Me”

Lana Mann “Besame Mucho”

Lana Mann

Lana Mann

Lana Mann was born in Russia and grew up along the Black Sea. Lana started to sing when she was just two years old. She wrote her first song at the tender age of seven. Lana performed in Russia and in Ukraine before she moved to the United States with her family in 2002.

A gifted singer and songwriter with an angelic and powerful voice, Lana gets her inspiration from the world around her. Her deeply emotional and philosophical songs inspire the listener to introspective thought. With her music, Lana hopes to inspire her listeners to new heights of emotional awareness and beauty. Her number one goal is to bring happiness with her music.

Lana’s appearances include the White Bridal Masquerade Ball of San Antonio, the Russian Ball at the Chateau Crystale Hall in Houston, and other award-winning events, to name a few. Lana loves to travel and experience the various cultures of the world. When not performing, Lana enjoys swimming, especially at the beach. Growing up on the beautiful shores of the Black Sea, the water holds a special place in her heart.

Currently, Lana is working on her second album with her producer, Bobby Flores and the B.A M. Recording Studio located in San Antonio, Texas. Her debut album titled “As Long as Life” is currently available.

Connect with Lana on social media to learn more about upcoming shows and album release.


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