1. 01 Almost Love Lana Mann 0:47
  2. 02 All Shades of Green Lana Mann 0:45
  3. 03 Loneliness Lana Mann 0:49
  4. 04 Arrow of Love Lana Mann 0:54
  5. 05 Daughter Lana Mann 0:48
  6. 06 Not Strangers to Each Other Lana Mann 0:45
  7. 07 Winter Lana Mann 0:57
  8. 08 Purple Sunset Lana Mann 0:49
  9. 09 Women Waiting Lana Mann 0:54
  10. 10 School Memories Lana Mann 0:53
  11. 11 Small World Lana Mann 0:46

Song Meanings

1. Almost Love

This song is about a love that almost came true, almost became a vivid reality. And then, as if it were a mist, a transparent cloud, evaporated into a vague memory.

2. All Shades of Green

“My sorrow and longing is colored in all shades of green…” In this song I explore the depths of a human heart and its capability to withstand negative and destructive forces of life.

3. Loneliness

How often we misinterpret our feelings and our longings, trying to quiet the voice inside our hearts that tells us the right from the wrong. How rarely we pause and take into account our own actions and their impacts on our futures and the lives of those around us.

4. Arrow of Love

“Without love, everything in this world is felt as pain and longing.” Wouldn’t you agree?

5. Daughter

I dedicate this song to my daughter. Through my immense suffering and temporary pain, her life was made possible. Now she shines forth and brightens my heart with happiness.

6. We're not Strangers

Sometimes a woman’s love is stronger than the man’s mind and his ability to receive love. Sometimes we learn that when we give too much and receive too little back the love will not last. This song is about a disappointed love.

7. Winter

“We choose our own paths. There is no such thing as an accidental grief or heartbreak, or an accidental love and peaceful happiness.” We make the choices in life that then define our futures.

8. Purple Sunset

If we allow a weakness to wear down the heart’s protective layer, then that weakness will turn our lives into a blind stupor of following the wrong crowd.

9. A Waiting Woman

She waits for him to come into her life. Through the bleak, mundane days, she awaits for a sunrise ray.

10. School Memories

He loved her from a distance. His timid, shy heart was unable to let her know of his true feelings for her. Throughout the school years, he never gave her a glimpse into the depth of his attachment to her. Only during the senior prom, when their lives would never cross paths again, did he whisper to her how passionately he had loved her.

11. Small World

“I have waited for you all my life. Life seemed so harsh and unforgiving. When I almost gave up, you appeared from a faraway land and took me with you to my new home. In a foreign world, so different from my own, you brought me to your home, where our love blossomed.” This song is dedicated to my beloved husband. Thank you.


All Orchestrations by:
Josh Cavazos
All Arrangements by:
Eddie Cavazos and Josh Cavazos
Produced by:
John Pollock at Wavemaker Recording Studios
All Songs by:
Lana Mann, Eddie Cavazos, and Josh Cavazos

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Lana Mann – As Long as Life…

Title : Lana Mann - As Long as Life...
Release Date : August 22, 2017
Format : Digital Download